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Tire Sidewalls

Protecting silage is important both for the health of livestock, and because replacing spoiled product is expensive. At Marvin Meyers & Associates, we know the ins and outs of the agriculture industry and so we offer a range of clean cut tire sidewalls for our consumers. Whether for a stand-alone farm, or a larger operation, Marvin Meyers & Associates have tire sidewalls that can suit your needs!

The Benefits of Using Tire Sidewalls

  • - Silage protection; the tire sidewalls we offer are used by dairy and cattle feed farmers alike for silage protection purposes. It is an established fact that tire sidewalls offer the best possible protection from spoiled crops because they are able to minimize air, water, mold, and various other potential hazards.
  • - Environmentally friendly; in the world of today the environment is everything. At Marvin Meyers & Associates, we strive to keep an absolute minimal impact on the ecosystem. That’s why we only use 100% recycled material in our products!
  • - Pathogen protection; using entire tires to cover silage creates new hiding places for rats, insects and stagnant water. Farmers can spend tedious amounts of time and thousands of dollars on pest removal, so purchasing our nylon sidewalls is the perfect investment.
  • - Simplicity; removing the treads from tires makes them incredibly convenient to stack and transport, not to mention store! Marvin Meyers & Associates tire sidewalls can be easily stacked and left outside until they are needed once more.

Other Sidewall Uses

  • - Barrel weights (as tire bases and tire rings)
  • - Bases of traffic barrels and channelizer drums

*We also offer crumb rubber for various purposes

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