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Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us

What a difference working with these bias truck sidewalls compared to whole tires….just about the same weight and triple the coverage….time saved is money earned.

Lance Roorda, Roorda Dairy

Paullina, IA

We were losing cows to hardware and traced the source of the problem back to the wire in the whole tires that we used to hold down the plastic covering our forage bunks. We needed a product to cover the bunks that had no wire or metal, was easy to handle and covered the entire bunk surface.

M. Meyers & Associates provided our farm with nylon sidewalls that fit our needs perfectly. We are seeing fewer cases of hardware and our employees are much happier handling the lighter and cleaner sidewalls.

Aaron Kimmich, Willet Dairy, LLC

Locke, NY

We looked everywhere for bias sidewalls. Take it from us and reserve early to avoid disappointment. Delivery was just as expected and timely. Thanks.

Jim Idsinga Jr., Idsinga & Son Dairy

Portales, NM