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Silage Rings

If you use tires to cover silage then you know placing them, and cleaning them up afterwards is the worst job on the farm. Old tires are smelly, heavy, and can be home to all sorts of unwanted pests. At Marvin Meyers & Associates, we have the best tire separation equipment and we use it to remove the sidewalls from the tire so that farms have a safer and easier to use silage cover. With more than twenty five years of experience and over 130 000 square feet of floor space, we have the knowledge and storage to provide large scale orders of silage rings to North American farms.

Why use silage rings instead of whole tires?

  • -Silage protection; silage rings are useful for both cattle and dairy farmers to protect their silage. They provide needed protection against air, water, mold, and other spoilage risks.
  • -Storage simplicity; because the treads have been removed, silage rings are far easier to stack and store in large quantities than full tires.
  • -Environmentally friendly; the Marvin Meyers & Associates team is dedicated to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible and that is why we use only 100% recycled material in all of our products.
  • -Pest prevention; using silage rings instead of tires reduces stagnant water and ensures that rats and insects do not have a place to hide and propagate.

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With our team of knowledgeable staff, North America’s largest tire separation operation is able to help our clients decide what options are right for them, and provide them with the materials they need. When your farms need silage protection, Marvin Meyers & Associates is the clear choice.

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